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wheaten terriers and children


Wheaten Terriers: One of the best dog breeds for children

As more people discover the versatility of the well-balanced wheaten terrier, their popularity as a family dog continues to grow, and they are now recognized as one of the best dog breeds for children. Originally bred hundreds of years ago as a hard-working dog for small family farms, the soft coated wheaten terrier has a friendly, loving disposition, and a tough, sturdy build that can stand up to the play habits of small children:

Wheaten Terriers are extremely playful and retain their puppy energy throughout their entire life.
They make wonderful companions for children and get along well with other family pets.
Like most terriers, they display a feisty, tenacious nature. But their working dog qualities and people orientation create a balance that keeps them from being as strong-willed as other terriers.
Wheaten terriers are completely devoted to their human families and often protective over smaller children.

Note: Because wheaten terriers tend to possess a high-energy personality and are known to jump frequently, they should always be supervised around small children that could be startled by their active energy.

If you also want a dog that will look out for your family without being dangerous, a wheaten terrier may be the answer.

The word terrier is derived from the Latin word for earth, denoting the driving instinct behind a terrier’s nature: to protect his patch of land and please his owner. As such, wheatens are well equipped to be watch dogs that alert you when unexpected visitors or intruders show up. Their medium size and friendly nature keep them from going so far as to become guard dogs. But they will bark sharply at people and animals they perceive as threatening to their land or family.

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